Utah Sushi Classes



Jonas Otsuji,  a fourth-generation Japanese American born in Hawaii, prides himself in the art of making sushi.  Jonas got his start as a child learning to cook Japanese cuisine at the age of 6 from his grandmother, Fumie Otsuji.  Chef Otsuji apprenticed at the #1 rated sushi bar in Las Vegas, Sushi Roku.  Chef Otsuji later went on to become Head Chef of Dragon Fly Las Vegas, where he developed unique sushi creations, such as the Tropical Tuna, a favorite amongst his faithful clientele.  

"We love having Chef Otsuji at Orson Gygi. His enthusiasm for sushi is evident in his teaching.  Beyond that, his eagerness to share his passion is an exciting experience. Jonas is a remarkable chef and teacher. "
Gygi Culinary Institute

"Chef Otsuji is hands down, one of the finest Sushi Chefs in Utah.  His attention to detail and passion for sushi is incredible.  I stand behind him 100%" 
Hai Fitzgerald, Executive Chef, Thyme and Seasons Restaurant

"Chef Otsuji's teaching style is warm, helpful, and gives you confidence.  The ingredients were of the highest quality and were abundant-you will not go away hungry!"
Laura Jeffereies, Manager, BYU Food Technology Center